This blog is providing information that why modular code structure is important and how the android library can play an important role in clean project architecture.

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I always have one thought while developing and designing the project's architectures. …

Start the application when the Linux system boots up and keep it running on the Linux machine.

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You will be required to Learn!

  1. how to create a simple web application using Flask.
  2. how to create a Linux Service.
  3. how to run a web application with Linux system boot and keep running with it.
  4. How to restart…

This article covers important concepts about Motion Events with drag-drop of a view and related callbacks in Android.

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The Android view system framework is a big topic to explain how internally works. …

Please read the guidelines for submitting the story for Android Devo

Android Devo

Android Devo is the platforms that encourage the develops and programmers for writing about Android and related technologies and we are here to build a community where programmers are dedicated to creating the contents in the public domain and…

Programming is an Art — An Art of writing a code logics. I am passionate about this Art.

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About me

I am Narendra Harny. I was born and brought up in India. I live in a tech hub city of India called Bangalore. Like many other Indian IT professionals, I stay in…

Overview Sketch of V2X connectivity model, V2X communication advantages in real-time, data communication nodes for an individual subsystem of V2X infrastructure, and communication protocols associated.

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What is the V2X model?

V2X means Vehicle to Everything, The meaning of everything here is all the possible objects that can come across in the surrounding of the vehicle…

A single master habit that gives a maximum impact on your life.

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As I mentioned in the title, The single master habit that can put maximum impact in your life is →

Few essential points for the interview that I have research, and the details, are experienced by many of the people connected with me.
I reached a conclusion where I have some points to write as suggestions for the batter interview.

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This article has details about how one can observe their…

As a programmer, I would like to keep a few points for all programming beginners to learn the programming languages in the right way.

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These concepts of learning can really change your way of thinking towards programming languages. …

This article provides Information for creating AAR for an Android Library module and use It with another android Project.

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I have posted an article for creating an Android Library module in an Android Project and use that with the UI app module.

Please see the article if you need to…

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