Programming is an Art — An Art of writing a code logics. I am passionate about this Art.

About me

I am Narendra Harny. I was born and brought up in India. I live in a tech hub city of India called Bangalore. Like many other Indian IT professionals, I stay in Bangalore to pursue my carrier in the IT industry, and My parents stay in my Home town. My Father is retired from his job. My parents stay in a farmhouse and enjoying their life. I always try to be a good boy, so I take care of their needs. The…

This blog is providing information that why modular code structure is important and how the android library can play an important role in clean project architecture.

I always have one thought while developing and designing the project's architectures. The bad project architecture can lead to a lot more difficulties in the implementation of the software.

I am mentioning a few major drawbacks of a bad project architecture design.

  1. Difficult to understand the software code.
  2. Complex to adopt the new features.
  3. Complex the bug traceability.
  4. Not easy to maintain the software code and etc.

A working code does not make sure…

Overview Sketch of V2X connectivity model, V2X communication advantages in real-time, data communication nodes for an individual subsystem of V2X infrastructure, and communication protocols associated.

What is the V2X model?

V2X means Vehicle to Everything, The meaning of everything here is all the possible objects that can come across in the surrounding of the vehicle while the vehicle is driving or motionless sometimes, and there is a need for data transmission from vehicles to other nodes exist in a short-range or large-range.

V2X Ecosystem has specific types of communication subsystems. The main motive of V2X Ecosystem is traffic control & road safety and energy saving…

A single master habit that gives a maximum impact on your life.

As I mentioned in the title, The single master habit that can put maximum impact in your life is →

Few essential points for the interview that I have research, and the details, are experienced by many of the people connected with me.
I reached a conclusion where I have some points to write as suggestions for the batter interview.

This article has details about how one can observe their interviews.

Here are the three points which you should observe in your interviews after reading this article.

  1. What is the question chaining in interviews?
  2. How to observe the interviews with 100% presence of mind.
  3. How to keep a positive impact while giving each answer.

I will use python programming language…

As a programmer, I would like to keep a few points for all programming beginners to learn the programming languages in the right way.

These concepts of learning can really change your way of thinking towards programming languages. If you are trying to learn a programming language and want to be a good programmer then please avoid doing these mistakes.

Check yourself !!! Are you in a Trap?

Don’t Skip Basics-

When you decided to learn a programming language and If you want to see a running software on your computer screen as soon as possible at the beginning of your learning itself…

This article provides Information for creating AAR for an Android Library module and use It with another android Project.

I have posted an article for creating an Android Library module in an Android Project and use that with the UI app module.

Please see the article if you need to know about creating the Library module in Android Project.

In this article, I will explain how we can generate the Android Archive(AAR) file for an Android Library module and Use that in different Android projects so that we can understand the Library creation can really save our redevelopment time cost…

This article is about why the break from the work is important and how we should enjoy and utilize it for the work itself.

We all are aware of the situation that what’s going on around the world. We all got a different change in our work-life. Yes, we indeed got an unexpected change in our lifestyle by working in home-office and also most of people are expecting to get back their regular lifestyle.

I am also on the list and I have closely observed the effect and now I decided to write this article.
This article is about something…

Here I have put some thoughts on The Pythonic way coding style and how we can learn to write the Pythonic code.

Python is an object-oriented, as well as the scripting programming language, It is an interpreted, powerful, and syntactically easy language.

It is known to everyone that Python gives an easy syntax for complicated coding logic, which enhances the productivity of Python programmers.

This is true that every programmer has their thought process and way of thinking to build the code logic, If we give one problem statement to many programmers then It is for sure that we will get many different solutions for the same problem.

I observed it happens more with Python coding because of Python built-in features and…

I am providing some information about a few important concepts and built-in functions to learn Pythonic way coding styles in this blog.

If you are not aware of what is Pythonic way and why it is important then, please invest little time with this blog(Link given below).

I have accumulated some random examples so you can skip if you already do use of that way in your code.

First of all, I would like to mention a few Python topics which are more important to do code in a Pythonic way and few suggestions that help you to think to optimize the code to make to more Pythonic.

  • Use Python built-in functions.
  • Use the Python advance modules and libs for example collections…

Narendra Harny

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