Don’t miss having a break in between your office work

This article is about why the break from the work is important and how we should enjoy and utilize it for the work itself.

We all are aware of the situation that what’s going on around the world. We all got a different change in our work-life. Yes, we indeed got an unexpected change in our lifestyle by working in home-office and also most of people are expecting to get back their regular lifestyle.

I am also on the list and I have closely observed the effect and now I decided to write this article.
This article is about something which is changed in our work life-style and that change we might adopt without caring or even thinking about the side-effect of that. Without being a philosopher everyone keeps their philosophy to live their lives.

I am sure in the past few months most of the people were looking for some new habits or ways to find out how to maintains the work-life and personal life balance because they are together all the time in home-office. The WFH affected our life and we have different opinions on this.

I am not writing about some profit and loss of employees and employers. Today I just started writing because I think should share a thought about what I observed and realized.

Before and After Dinner?

Is it right for you that before and after dinner, you were in your home office? If yes, then that does not look good if your productivity increased because of this reason.

If the todo list of the day not completed, then some problem is there. It might be more than a day capacity is added to the todo list, and if you work without a todo list of the day, then start preparing it when you start your day.

Leaving office was the actual reason where we stop working and take a break for a quality amount and, a nice sleep is a part of that break to start for the next time.

Work with a todo list and, do not force yourself to add more and more to that because we know better what to add to it for today. Even It is the best way to decide the sequence of priority work first. 90% of the task completion is not the completion for sure but, “It is progress” Think about preparing the todo-list for the week the day work will be equally divided and managed automatically.

What’s a plan for a weekend?

First of all, I would say you have all rights with you how you want to spend the weekend. The weekend is to get some break from last week’s work and get ready for next week’s work.

But how we spent it matters because when I calculate, this is a large amount of time to waste and invest. We get approx 52 Sundays and 52 Saturday in a year, and It is 2496 hours.

It makes me guilty if I will spend this time on some random unnecessary plans. Here the to-do list for the years will work.

We can plan what we can accomplish in 496 hours, and please don’t try to steal more and more hours from this time because this is a break but can utilize It in a planned way.

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together !!!

By: African Proverb

I would say go fast if you can keep you motivated to complete the to-do list of the year for weekends.

The Coffee Break

This break is the most compromised one because It comes for a short time, but sometimes this break is the time savior.

Sometimes I have observed that I can think about many sections of my code logic with a cup of coffee. I don’t recommend that we should even go away from the work in this break. Why?
I am sharing my experience that when I have coffee time I think about the problem once in a relaxed way and most of the time I can think of many critical issues and code logic in a better way. for me, it works out when I think I am done with the logic and then I think about the case where it might originate the issue and I get some genuine ideas and thoughts about making the logic better. It gives me also an idea to think about is It a perfect way to write code logic. This also helps when after completion of the logic I want to think about what is missing or what can improve in the code quality.

The good quality of the software is not how good it is working It is about how clear and understandable the code of the software.

So get a coffee and then think about the quality of the code, this must be the maximum utilization of the coffee break.

The Vacation

When we think about the vacation might be possible the various things come to mind like visiting places, traveling, trips and, so all, and this time and situations are not allowing to do such things but, still, I think the vacation is required.

It is required to make you free for a little longer from work and get relaxed for some days. One thing that is most important about vacation is we should always keep a buffer for a few days at the end of our holidays and think about three things.
What did we do in the past? What we are doing now, and What you want to do in the future?

I am not talking about we have to look back many more years and fix all the things in the future.
I am talking about thinking on the todo list we prepared for the whole year. If you did not set up the goals for the year, then this is also a must-do job. If you have not accomplished the todo list of the year, then make a plan and try to complete it.

If you are thinking about it at the end of the year, then forgive yourself and move on to complete it.

We should not give up on the todo list task, and even we no need to punish ourself for something not done by ourself as per our expectation.
If it the end of the year, then forgive yourself and, Say It’s ok, don’t blame to circumstances, fix It as soon as possible, any way you got new energy to work faster on your goals after The Vacation.

I am planning my break, do you?

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