Narendra Harny
1 min readDec 31, 2020


I would like to state about 21 days idea.

I had experienced it in the year 2020 and I had lost a few good habits and even lost my routine.

I wrote an article "One killer habit can change your life" on this.

So the question is what is the importance of 21 days.

Why does someone want to make a good habit?

Someone wants a revolution in their life!! right?

When we start a habit so everyone will face different challenges, and also everyone will have a different will power to do that.

So the initial 21 days will give you a positive mindset. so when we want to start a new habit we should start it 21 days before when we exactly want to start it.

When someone fails after 21 days this is all about a mind game and about willingness to achieve something.

I lost a habit of waking early in the morning that I had for many years.

To have it back, I did not do anything, I decided and I started one day.

I had no problem after the second day itself.

Discipline is most important in forming the habit, and If we want to do it daily then it does not matter, it works in 21 days or 66 days or even more, we have to do it daily with the discipline.



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